Xe Lua Restaurant Reviews and Menu


 Jane D.

After a lengthy, "we're closed for renovations" period, it's clear that this place is Closed with a capital "C" -- really Closed. I'm crushed. Please tell me how I can find summer rolls as amazing as the ones they had here. I'll miss your nice staff and you so much, Xe Lua. Best of luck going forward!


Shirley Z.

I finally came around to write this review. I have been ordering delivery from Xe Lua for the past 3 years and it has been a consistent reliable spot for my lazy day Pho/Vermicelli fix. Good food with excellent value, delivery is super fast and they pack everything very well. I live in Financial District so it's a good 10-minute bike ride away, but everything arrived in decent temperature in yesterday's 20 something degree weather. Very impressed.Food wise, it is better compared to other Vietnamese delivery places in my neighborhood. Great summer rolls as well.


Saba R.

This was one of those serendipitous finds...we were hungry and cold and stumbled into the first restaurant that we found open in Chinatown. The place was open for business before 11am, and we were quickly seated in a very spacious restaurant. We ordered Vietnamese coffee that came in this cute little drip contraption that you added hot water to. And bubble tea, also hot. Both very good.We ordered a small shrimp Tom Yam soup which was plenty big for two people....it was on the sweet and spicy side, rather than the hot and sour side, but we both enjoyed it. We both ordered the Pho with Beef Meatballs which came with the usual accompaniments. It was a clean and spacious restaurant with helpful staff. A great find in Chinatown!


Christopher M.

REAL TIME LUNCH REVIEW!At 3:30pm, ordered up:Summer Roll w/Shrimp (says order of two - )Ca Cuon (should be a fried fish roll with minced pork inside...)Pho Bo Vien (beef balls up in that Pho - .50)Tra Sua Da (Vietnamese Iced Tea with condensed milk - )All so darned affordable!  And was it my office half an hour later, delivered by a direct yet nice delivery guy.A little disappointed that they don't do Ca Cuon Thit the traditional way.  You are just getting a spring roll with white fish.  However, it's a really flavorful spring roll.  Fish is flaky and well-seasoned.  Tight roll.  Generously portioned. Very delicious apricot sauce.  Just not true to name.  Just call it a spring roll with fish.Shrimp Spring Rolls have a generous portion of four shrimp in each one.  Well worth the price.  However, peanut dipping sauce wasn't to my liking.  Grainy, too dark in color, flavor just off.  Would have preferred a presence of julienne cucumber (thing I chomped down on one or two...) and carrot for the filler, or a greener leaf than a bunch of shredded iceberg lettuce.  But still a steal for the price.The Tra Sua Da wasn't up my alley.  75% condensed milk, 25% tea.  Really cloying.Pho was fine.  You basically get what you pay for.  Definitely budget Pho (which is good to know you can find when the budget it tight!).  Everything packaged separately.  Broth okay, nothing to wow about.  Beef ball fine, but not particularly flavorful on its own.  They don't include hoisin to mix in, and you can really tell the lack of it when you eat it.  But it was fine...Worthwhile to know about if you want Vietnamese cuisine that doesn't break the bank.  If walking by, I'd definitely pop in for some spring rolls.  May try the Pho again, if they have hoisin to offer.  Though, for delivery, I'd personally rather pay a bit more for better execution across the board.


Crystal W.

Fast, friendly delivery service. I ordered 2 BBQ pork, shrimp, and spring roll vermicelli noodles - one for dinner and one for lunch the next day - but I ended up eating both for dinner! I guess that makes me a fatty, but it's a testament to how delicious I thought it was. Will definitely be ordering from them again and hope I can show a little more self-restraint next time hehehe. They have salted lemonade, which I'm super curious to try because I've never heard of it before.


Marina S.

Solid Vietnamese food in the heart of Chinatown! Like most restaurants in this part of town, you'll find the service is chilly and the restaurant is definitely no-frills, but portions are large and prices are more than fair.We stopped in for an early weekend dinner and had the summer rolls and a vermicelli noodle bowl. The summer rolls were on the small side (we split 2 orders for 3 people), but the peanut dipping sauce was on-point.I had rice vermicelli with pork, shrimp, and a spring roll for my main, and it definitely hit the spot. Could have used a few more veggies, but it filled me up and I still had leftovers to spare.I went fairly basic for my meal, but I love that they have so many options that I've never seen before! Next time, I'm trying some of their cool drinks, such as the salted lemonade.


Honghui Y.

A good option for Vietnamese food if you are in Chinatown. Everything here is cheap, service is no frills but fast, sanitation is iffy (like many other places in Chinatown) but at least the noodle soups are served piping hot. I ordered the bun bo hue on a recent visit. The broth was really flavorful - tasted like it had been simmering with the fatty pork knuckles for hours. The rice noodles had the right amount of chewiness without being undercooked. I just wish there had been more of it in my bowl! My chief complaint about the dish is that the pork knuckles that came with my soup were about 90% fat, 10% lean meat so I did not eat them. If fatty knuckles is your thing, I'd say this dish is perfect for you.


Jessica M.

I was in the area with a friend and we decided we were in the mood for Vietnamese food and literally just popped into the first restaurant we saw, Xe Lua. He ordered the #2 pho (the medium sized bowl of pho with everything), I ordered pho tai (only slices of raw beef on top of pho) and Vietnamese iced tea, and we got an order of summer rolls. My friend seemed to enjoy his food, but I found my dish to be lacking. It definitely wasn't as flavorful as I thought it would be, even after I added my usual combination of sauces and jalapenos. The summer rolls were also rather small, in my opinion. Maybe I'm just pickier, but the food definitely did not live up to my expectations.


Anna K.

Disclaimer: ordered delivery, perhaps better in house?Got the Vegetable Pho and Dumpling Appetizers (for coworker). Coworker really enjoyed the dumplings. The Vegetable Pho left a lot to be desired. I can't even call it a "broth," it was just flavorless opaque water with absolutely no seasoning. You probably get flavorful seasoning if you order one of the meat Pho's, but come on, throw us vegetarians a break. Even SALTING it didn't help.Threw it away after eating only half, waste of money and food.


Kevin C.

Favorite Pho spot in Chinatown! Great prices great food, what more can you ask?  This is always my go to spot whenever I am craving Pho,  if you are ever in the area give this place a try.  My favorite is the Pho Tai which is just slices of beef.


Kevin E.

3.5 starsCame here to pick up dinner for work. Out of all the Viet restaurants in Chinatown (and there are a lot of them), I would say this one is definitely the most upscale. It's not like your typical Chinatown restaurant where the diners are constantly shouting over each other amidst a disharmonious cacophony. Rather, you are greeted by peaceful music and a tranquil ambience from the moment you walk in. The decor is magnificent, with dim lighting and fancy photos adorned everywhere. Service was average but definitely better than your typical Chinatown fare. My only gripe is my uncertainty of the authenticity of this place. They place a large menu outside the store with many American phrases on it and it does seem like they have a fair amount of American/non-Asian customers. However, I am not Vietnamese so obviously I can't confirm this notion of mine haha.So I got the Beef cubes over rice and I found it to be pretty tasty. I really liked the sauce that the beef cubes were marinated in and I felt it blended with the rice very well, especially the onions and peppers. The beef cubes were the perfect texture, not too mushy but not too chewy either. They also give you a tiny container of sriracha sauce that I feel really gave the dish a nice spicy kick to it.Overall, I would say that this place is slightly better than the other Viet restaurants in Chinatown, mainly because of the decor. Food wise, I didn't get to try the pho here so I can't make a fair comparison. However, the beef cubes over rice were delicious! I would say this is a pretty solid restaurant to get your Viet fix in Chinatown!


Hadley H.

Great for big groups!  I haven't tried any other pho restaurants in New York to compare, but I've heard that the pickings are slim.We visited as a group of at least eight.  Service was still really fast, and the bowls were huge.  One friend has been ordering takeout from here for a long time, and decided to finally visit in person.  I ordered the seafood pho.  The size was really a commitment... good luck finishing if you also ordered appetizers.  I found the soup to be a bit bland, and ended up adding a LOT of hoisin sauce and hot sauce.  I'm not sure if this defeats the point of ordering pho... Not a terrible place to grab dinner, but I'll be on the lookout for other Vietnamese options.  Apparently I missed out on a salted lemonade drink... I'd go back to try that!


Jessie C.

Ordered seamless from here and the noodles for the pho arrived in a huge clump. Even after pouring the soup in it won't separate. It wasn't edible. Had to throw it out. Horrible noodle quality. Don't come here


Sally W.

The Vietnamese food at Xe Lua is not as good as it used to be. It was actually blah. 2/5 stars.But oh my, the DESSERT!!!!!!!! 5/5 stars!!!!!!!!!!Just for the one dessert I love at Xe Lua, I would award 5 stars. It is a shaved ice dessert. It is purely for their one dessert that brings me in here, it's called Treasure Hunt! If it was not for this dessert, I would never eat at Xe Lua. The flavor is just awesome, to me, for a shaved ice dessert. I have had shaved ices here and there in NYC but this place happens to have the best. Can I tell you what is in it...no just multiple colored cubes of stuff. Not sure! Doesn't matter, I love it! See my picture of their wonderful dessert called Treasure Hunt! Dang, I would like one now!


Margaret Z.

Delivery is always super fast through Seamless and never had an order that was messed up. They package the soups well and everything always arrives piping hot (granted, we only live a few streets away). The pho here is decent - not the best that I've had but a good value at -9. I've also tried their curry chicken soup and cold vermicelli noodles, and have always liked what I ordered. The lemongrass chicken is fragrant and flavorful. My bf never strays from his BBQ chicken entree and one of my friends said that the pork chop here is much better than her usual Viet spot.Also highly recommend the avocado shake and spring/summer rolls. This is a go-to dinner spot for me (at least once a week)!


Cesar I.

Xe Lua Sometimes you don't wanna be a fancy food snob and you just want fast, cheap and yummy food without all the formalities. Here the service is blindingly fast,  your order arrives before you finish ordering it. The food is fresh and really tasty, specially for or less. Perfect for the times you're  craving Vietnamese food ad don't want to have a conversation with the waiter. PRO TIP: I was not into the salted lemonade, but who knows that might be your thing.


Amy M.

Despite the bad reviews for this place, I still went and I on the other hand thought this olace was great. Came at about 7:45pm and place was not crowded at all, but as a group of 4 we were seated in the back. Despite this, the waitresses were still very attentive. Food for four came out to about 9-10$ (incl. tax&tip)each which was very cheap and filling. What was exceptional about this place is the pho xe lua (#21) it comes with 2-3 pieces of beef balls as well, have yet to see it at other places. The soup here is seasoned well, add some lime/lemon juice and you are good to go! The portions were definitely big (but I eat a lot so it was just right). This place can get crowded later at night. Located on Mulberry street, there are other Vietnamese places as well, but I think Xe Lua does it just right. The vietnamese spring rolls were really crispy, just the way I like it.


Josephine C.

Order from this place almost weekly for office lunch, service and taste is good as always. The ginger tea and avocado shake  is pretty good.  "Bun Xe Lua" is also recommended


Vanessa D.

I've been back here a few times after my first review with my friends and my family and with a date. The time with my family it was okay service, we had bún riêu which is crab meat noodles soup, I'd said it's not very authentic like I hoped it would be... but they do come in very big bowl. Another time it was with a date who happen to be a Vietnamese good virgin, so I was like " okay, let's go to Xe La since Paris Sandwich on Mott street lost their lease so it got closed down." It was a mistake. We ordered " Bò lúc lc " which is shaken beefs, and seafood with veggies rice... my rice was so cold that I felt like it was out for at least 30 minutes.... it was the worst thing ever to serve something like that. So from that day, I haven't come back since. However, they do make good Ph  and I can't lie about that.


Mike Y.

I think I'm writing this more as a warning to myself.Restaurants in Chinatown always seem to blur together as there are so many packed together, they have to be extra special to stand out.Xe Lua was a bit of a disappointment. I think it may be because we ordered the wrong thing...or I hope it was because I would very much like this place to be good. It's big spacious and service is very, very quick. It is a no frills environment so don't expect much in the way of refills and all that after they've taken your order and dropped off your food. Food is cheap, like...sub cheap.The spring rolls with mint and lettuce are pretty good though. I mean...quite simply vietnamese spring rolls with mint and lettuce and a side of fish sauce to dip in. Hard to get wrong.The fresh papaya salad was kinda gross. The texture of the shrimp was off and it was not seasoned. The papaya salad needed more fish sauce and also lacked adequate flavor.We had the crispy stir fried egg noodles with seafood. The noodles were strange and not typical of crispy fried noodles; they felt more like salad topper noodles as they didn't really soak up the seafood sauce. The seafood could have been the frozen mixed variety bag - scallop, shrimp, and fake crab meat. There was also celery mixed in with the mixed vegetables which I thought was weird and not typical of Vietnamese cuisine. I would certainly pass on this dish. It looks nice but taste wise definitely is not recommended.I hope that perhaps there vermicelli or there beef cubes would be good as I was eyeing that on the menu. As it stands now, I would definitely pass as there are plenty of other options around the area.




1Xe lua khai viCombination house special platter, assorted with spring roll, barbecue chicken, shrimp, pork and beef serve with lettuce and rice paper.
2Cha gioSpring roll serve with mint and lettuce (4 rolls)
3Cha gio chayVegetarian spring roll serve with lettuce and mint (4 rolls)
4Goi cuonSummer roll with shrimp (2 rolls)
4.1Ca CuonFish Roll served with homemade spicy apricot sauce
5Goi Cuon ChayVegetarian summer roll (2 rolls)
6Nem nuong CuonSummer roll with grill pork (2 rolls)5
7Bi cuonSummer roll with shredded pork (2 rolls)5
8Banh cuonSteam rice crepe with mince pork and ear mushroom9
10Goi du duFresh papaya salad with shrimp9
11Muc chien donCrispy squid12
13Chim cut rotiRoasted quail (2 birds)14
13.1Cai LuotMix Steam Vegetables4.5
13.2Salad 4 MuaFour Seasons Salad6
16Banh hoi salad voi chao tom nuongFlat rice pancake and rice paper served with

Barbecue shrimp on sugarcane

17Banh hoi salad voi Tom NuongFlat rice pancake and rice paper served with Grill shrimp13
18Banh hoi salad voi Bo NuongFlat rice pancake and rice paper served with Barbecue beef13
19Banh hoi salad voi Ga NuongFlat rice pancake and rice paper served with Barbecue chicken13
20Banh hoi salad voi Thit NuongFlat rice pancake and rice paper served with

Barbecue boneless tender pork



21Pho Xe luaHouse special rice noodle soup with beef eye round (medium rare), Brisket, Tendon, tripe & beef ball..5
22Pho tai nam gan sacRice noodle soup with beef eye round (medium rare), Brisket, Tendon & tripe.
23Pho chin nam gan sacRice noodle soup with beef (well done), Brisket, Tendon & tripe.
24Pho taiRice noodle soup with beef eye round (medium rare).5
25Pho chin namRice noodle soup with beef brisket (well done).5
26Pho bo vienRice noodle soup with beef ball.5
27Pho ca vienRice noodle soup with fish ball.5
28Pho do bienRice noodle soup with mix seafood.5
29Pho tom tuoiRice noodle soup with shrimp and vegetable.5
31Pho gaRice noodle soup with chicken and vegetable.5
32Pho ga noungRice noodle soup with barbecue chicken.5
33Pho suon nuongRice noodle soup with barbecue pork chop.5
34Pho thap cam chayRice noodle soup with mix vegetables (chicken broth or vegetable broth).5


35Com suon bi chaBarbecue pork chop, special steam egg cake and shredded pork serve with broken rice9.5
36Com suonBarbecue pork chop serve with broken rice8.5
36.1Com Thit NuongBarbecue Boneless pork serve with broken rice8.5
37Com xao do bienMix seafood stir fry with mix vegetable serve on  rice8.5
38Com tom ramShrimp stir fry with green pepper and onion serve on rice9.00
40Com muc xao sa otSquid stir fry with chilly lemongrass serve on rice8.5
44Com ga xao sa otChicken stir fry with chilly lemongrass sauce serve on rice8.5
45Com ga xao curryChicken cook with curry sauce serve on rice8.5
46Com ga xao bong caiChicken stir fry with American broccoli serve on rice8.5
48Com ga noungBarbecue chicken serve on rice8.5
49Com bo noungBarbecue beef serve on rice9
50Com bo luc lacBeef cube stir fry with butter and soy sauce serve on rice9
51Com bo curryBeef stir fry with curry sauce serve on rice8.5
52Com be sateeBeef stir fry with sauté sauce serve on rice8.5
54Com bo xao bong caiBeef stir fry with American broccolis serve on rice8.5
55Com bo xao ca chuaBeef stir fry with tomato serve on rice8.5
56Com bo khoBeef stew with tomato serve with rice9
57Com ech xao sa otFrog leg stir fry with chilly lemongrass sauce serve on rice9
58Com xao chayMix vegetable delight serve on rice8.5
59Com chien tomShrimp fried rice9
61Com chien chayMix vegetables fried rice9
62Com chien Xe luaHouse special fried rice top with our famous pork chop10
64Com chien bo luc lacBeef cube stir fry with butter soy sauce serve with fried rice10
64.1Com TrangPint of white Jasmine rice1.5
64.2Com NauPint of Organic brown rice2


65Bun Xe LuaBarbecue pork, shrimp, spring roll with shredded lettuce serve with rice vermicelli9.5
66Bun cha gioSpring roll or vegetarian spring roll serve with rice vermicelli8
67Bun thit nuongBarbecue pork and shredded lettuce serve with rice vermicelli8.5
68Bun bo nuongBarbecue beef and shredded lettuce serve with rice vermicelli9
69Bun ga nuongBarbecue chicken and shredded lettuce serve with rice vermicelli8.5
70Bun tom nuongBarbecue shrimp and shredded lettuce serve with rice vermicelli9
71Bun xao chayStir fry mix vegetable serve with rice vermicelli8.5
72Bun xao boBeef  stir fry with mix vegetable serve with rice vermicelli8.5
73Bun bo hueBeef stew with pork feet in spicy soup serve with rice vermicelli9
75Bun bo khoBeef stew with tomato serve with rice vermicelli9
76Bun ga curryChicken curry serve with rice vermicelli (please select dark or white meat)9
76.1BunPint of rice vermicelli2


77Mi xao do bien,Stir fry egg noodle with seafood and mix vegetables (please select soft or crispy noodle)13
78Mi xao tomStir fry egg noodle with shrimp and mix vegetables (please select soft or crispy noodle)13
79Mi xao boStir fry egg noodle with beef and mix vegetables (please select soft or crispy noodle)13
80Mi xao gaStir fry egg noodle with chicken and mix vegetables (please select soft or crispy noodle)13
81Mi xao rau caiStir fry egg noodle with mix vegetables,13
82Mi bo khoBeef stew with tomato sauce serve with egg noodle9
83Mi bo sateeBeef with sauté sauce serve with egg noodle9
84Mi ga curryChicken curry soup serve with egg noodle9
85Mi do bienMix seafood with egg noodle soup8.5
86Mi tom tuoiShrimp with egg noodle soup8.5

ITEM # CANH SOUP         S      L

88Canh chua do bienSeafood hot & sour tom yum soup12    16
89Canh chua tomShrimp hot & sour tom yum soup12    16
90Canh chua ca salmonSalmon fish hot & sour tom yum soup12    16
91Canh chua gaChicken hot & sour tom yum soup12    16
92Canh chua caiVegetables hot & sour tom yum soup12    16
93Canh cai dau huTofu with mix vegetables soup10    14
94Canh cai do bienSeafood with mix vegetables soup12    16



98Dau hu kho toTofu stew in a clay pot with caramel sauce14
100Ga um curry saChicken stew in a clay pot with spicy curry sauce14
101Ech um curry saFrog legs stew in a clay pot with spicy curry sauce14


102Ca hong nuongRed snapper marinade with house special sauce wrap it in foil grilled with perfection29
103Ca chien chanhCrispy red snapper serve with spicy lime sauce29
104Ca chien sot caCrispy red snapper serve with sweet and sour sauce29
105Ca salmon nuongGrill fillet salmon steak22
107Tom hum ram muoiLobster with little sea salt and pepper29
109Tom ram muoiSalt and pepper shrimp15
110Tom ram manShrimp stir fry with lemongrass, green pepper and onion15
111Tom xao dong coShrimp stir fry with Chinese black mushroom15
113Much chien doCrispy squid with little salt and pepper13
114Muc xao sa otSquid stir fry with chilly lemongrass sauce13
115Muc xao currySquid stir fry with curry sauce13
116Muc xao chua ngotSquid stir fry with sweet and sour sauce13



117Ech chien boCrispy frog legs deep fried with butter sauce15
118Ech xao sa otFrog legs stir fry with chilly lemongrass sauce15
119Ech xao lanFrog legs stir fry with vegetables and curry sauce15


121Bo lan salad sonBeef stir fry serve on watercress salad15
123Bo luc lacBeef cube stir fry with butter soy sauce serve with iceberg salad15
125Bo xao curry saBeef stir fry with chilly curry sauce15
126Bo xao ca chuaBeef stir fry with fresh tomato sauce15
127Bo xao cai roBeef stir fry with Chinese broccolis15



129Ga nuong saBarbecue chicken marinade with lemongrass and honey14
130Ga xao sa otChicken stir fry with chilly lemongrass sauce14
131Ga xao curryChicken stir fry with spicy yellow curry sauce14
132Ga xao dong coChicken stir fry with Chinese black mushroom15
134Ga xao bong caiChicken stir fry with American broccolis14
135.2Ga xao chua ngotChicken stir fry with sweet and sour sauce14


136Suong heo nuongFamous thin slice pork chop on the grill (something you don’t want to miss)14
136.1Thit heo nuongThin slice boneless pork on the grill14
136.2Suong Heo ram manRoasted pork chop Vietnamese style14
140Heo xao chua ngotPork stir fry with sweet and sour sauce14



141Thay cam xao chayMix vegetables stir fry with tofu, any type of sauce at your wish (Curry, Chilly lemongrass, oyster sauce or garlic sauce.)12
142Dong co xao caiChinese black mushroom stir fry with mix vegetables13
145Dau hu xao sa otTofu stir fry with chilly lemongrass sauce12
148Rau muong xao toiHollow vegetable stir fry with garlic sauce13
149Cai ro xao toiChinese broccoli stir fry with garlic sauce12
150Salad son xao toiWatercress stir fry with garlic sauce12


ITEM #     Side Order

76.1BunPint of rice vermicelli2
64.1Com TrangPint of white Jasmine rice1.5
64.2Com NauPint of Organic brown rice2
64.3Tuong ot SrirachaSriracha hot sauce 17oz bottle4


152Café sua da / nongVietnamese ice or hot coffee with sweet condensed milk3
153Tra sue da / nongVietnamese ice or hot tea with sweet condensed milk3
154Tra da chanhHome made ice lemon tea2.5
155Da chanh tuoiFresh lemonade2.5
156Da chanh muoi / nongIce or hot salted lemonade2.5
157Soda chanh tuoiSoda lemonade cold3
158Soda chanh muoiSoda salted lemonade cold3
159Soda xi muoiSoda salted plum cold3
160Chanh muoi nongHot salted lemonade2.5
161Xi muoi nongHot salted plum2.5
162Chai nhanlongan fruit ice cold drink3
163Che 3 mauRainbow ice cold drink (green bean, red bean and coconut milk)4
164Sinh to boAvocado (fresh) smoothie6
166Sinh to dauStrawberry smoothie5
167Sinh to xoaiMango smoothie5
168Sinh to duaCoconut smoothie5
169.1Sinh to sau rienDurian (fresh) smoothie6
169.2Soda sua hot gaSoda egg Yolk with condensed milk3
170SodaSoda: coke, diet coke, sprite, funta, ginger ale,1.75
170.1Cam vatOrange juice3
170.2Sua dau nanhSoy milk3
170.3Spring waterSpring water1.75

171.Original tea Bubble tea with milk
172.Jasmine green tea Bubble tea with milk
173.Japanese green tea Bubble tea with milk
174.Taro Bubble tea with milk
175.Green apple Bubble tea with milk
176.Green honeydew Bubble tea with milk
177.Coconut Bubble tea with milk
178.Strawberry Bubble tea with milk
179.Mango Bubble tea with milk
180.Blueberry Bubble tea with milk
181.Peach Bubble tea with milk
182.Vanilla Bubble tea with milk
183.Chrysanthemum Bubble tea with milk
184.Coffee Bubble tea with milk


185.Love is passion (Lychee and passion fruit) bubble tea without milk
186.Life’s a peach (Peach and orange) bubble tea without milk
187.Honey do me good (Kumquat and honeydew) bubble tea without milk
188.Strawberry fields (Pineapple and strawberry) bubble tea without milk
189.Apple in my eyes (Peach and apple) bubble tea without milk


190.Ice cappuccino with coffee jelly – “can’t be miss”


191.Ginger tea            (hot or cold)
192.Longan date        (hot or cold)



193SaigonSaigon Vietnamese imported beer
194“33”“33” BaBa Vietnamese imported beer
195Tsing taoTsing tao Chinese imported beer
196SinghaSingha Thai imported beer
197HeinekenHeineken Holland imported beer
198CoronaCorona Mexican imported beer
199BudweiserBudweiser domestic American beer
200BrooklynBrooklyn local domestic American beer
201TigerTiger Singapore imported beer