From the food blogger to the sneaker model with a lifetime and the new ara Fusion4 sneaker

When I received the first email from Sophie, I was startled. The eMag Lifelong and Ara are looking for you as a blogger testimonial for the new ara Fusion 4 sneaker! Me? As model? For a sneaker? Are you sure?
And they were sure! And I thought the show was so great and funny that I got involved and agreed to it. Who does not like comfortable sneakers? And why not even in the everyday life of a food blogger show how important comfortable and well-fitting shoes are? You usually do not think about something like that. After all, everything you see on the blog does not just happen on the PC.

© Amanda Dahms for life

From the everyday life of a food blogger

For my contributions, the ideas and the pictures I browse for example through the Cookbook departments in bookstores. I search flea markets and shops for new props such as plates and napkins. I travel and go to events, attend seminars and workshops, meet other bloggers to network. Visit weekly markets and delis to find ingredients. Then I stand for hours in the kitchen, cut vegetables, stir in pots, bake cake. I set up my photo sets and take pictures of my food from different angles. And then I'm sitting at my laptop, editing photos, writing down the recipes I put in a kitchen pad with pens, or taking the notes I made on trips and events and telling the stories behind them. So I'm pretty much on the legs before it's all on my blog.

© Amanda Dahms for life

Photoshoot for the new ara Fusion4 sneaker

And that's how today's story turns ara's new Fusion 4 sneaker, which Sophie von Lifelong brought with me when she and my hair and make-up artist Mirella Ebert and photographer Amanda Dahms finally stood in front of my door three weeks ago , I was super excited and had no idea what to expect. But the Fusion 4 looked great, fit like a glove, and we quickly put together a matching outfit. For over an hour Mirella tinkered with me, then the sneaker shoot began! You can see the end result here in the eMag: Walk around the Clock with ara.

© Amanda Dahms for life

First we went to the small market stall in front of my door to buy vegetables. Finally I wanted to cook for my guests and also give the readers of Lebenslang my recipes on the way. And so I bravely grabbed the ingredients, smiled in Amanda's camera and marched up and down the street. And what can I say: I ran like on clouds! The special Dynergy outsole has a patented lamellar structure that acts like feathers, depending on how it strikes or loads the foot, and acts as a cushion at every step.Every food blogger knows this: you stand for a long time, step from left to right, run through the kitchen, reach for something. And barefoot, I do not like it that much. After several hours in the shoes I can say: the HiFlex shaft adapts to the foot individually, gives a stable feeling and there are no pressure points. The shoe really fits like a glove and can also be worn comfortably barefoot.

© Amanda Dahms for life

In the kitchen, I cooked our lightning fast soup and prepared for the dessert, a breezy yogurt mousse, another delicious rhubarb strawberry Compote too. And then, after a few hours of preparation, various photo scenes, many funny foot movements, a lot of standing and running and a lot of laughter and fun, we could finally sit down and eat together what I had prepared. Of course, you can also find the corresponding recipes in Lifelong Magazine. It was such a nice round and I had so much fun with the girls. Also my dear friend Bine from waseigenes was there at the beginning - she had her shoot for the fusion 4 in the morning and came along for lunch.

© Amanda Dahms for life

© Amanda Dahms for Life

Me and my ara Fusion4 Sneaker

In the evening, when everyone had left, I had cleaned up and it was me on the sofa, I noticed at some point that I still had the sneakers on my feet. They just sit so well that I barely noticed them. They have long been proven in my everyday life and have become my favorite casual shoes. Both from the modern, timeless design as well as the color (black with glitter, yes!) They fit any outfit, whether sporty or casual. I did not have that with a shoe so that it fit from the beginning and without shrinking and can be worn on so many occasions. Thanks to the convenience of the good fit and the comfortable sole and the beautiful exterior, the Fusion 4 now allows me to carry over the Golden Gate Bridge and accompany me on future vacations.

© Amanda Dahms for life

The company ara shoes

Incidentally, I also like the fact that the company ara shoes is a long-established company and has been in family ownership for over 60 years. The company headquarters is also located almost directly around the corner from me in Langenfeld. More than 4,000 employees work for the company, producing a full range of comfortable, timeless and modern footwear for every occasion.Come back to me anytime and bring back so nice and comfortable shoes, I'll cook for you again!

Left to right: Mirella, Sophie, Maja, Amanda and Bine © © Bine Güllich von waseigenes