Children's birthday, childhood memories and delicious Mikado chocolate ice cream

Do you remember your children's birthday parties or the birthday parties of your best friends in elementary school? There were all these things that were only on birthdays: chocolate cake, cream cake, sweets in abundance! Chicken nuggets in animal form and oven fries! Or hamburger! Children's birthday parties were just great. There were the kids whose mothers had their own party planner. There were theme parties with vampires and witches. It was celebrated on the farm or we had a whole petting zoo for us. Other festivals took place in the garden or in party cellars. We heard Roxette and Ace of Base and danced like crazy. Or Murder in the Dark

 Tasty Mikado chocolate ice cream from MIKADO sticks from

I got my birthday in early September when the school started mostly, so all friends were good recovered and tanned from vacation back and celebrated with me. It was usually too cold to sit outside, but mostly I was lucky and at least we could play outside. As a true horse girl, we had to play mostly horse, which the guys rather stupid, but then ran well with a string in both hands before us.

For a birthday of mine, my mother even had a covered wagon rented and we drove together with the carriage. I was allowed to sit in front and was the king of the world! In addition to the annual birthday cake, a nut braid, which was always in M-form for the first letter of my name and sweet soda, which existed only on birthdays, there is another memory of many of these children's birthday parties with my friends: MIKADO sticks/p>

Tasty Mikado chocolate ice cream from MIKADO sticks from

Stick out your personality!

Who does not know them anymore, those crunchy cookie bars covered in chocolate? We felt like Jedi Knights and played that the Mikados are our lightsabers. Who had destroyed the biscuit of the opponent first, was allowed to bag him himself. I do not remember if I was good at the game, but I remember that each kid had their own way of eating MIKADO sticks.

My favorite way to eat the crispy stakes was what I personally called the " Bunny Method ". In very small bites, I worked the sticks in record speed with my incisors and ratzfatz auffuttert. Other friends held the chocolate carefully with their teeth and pulled off the biscuit in one go. Everyone had their own way of eating Mikado, but at the latest as a teenager, the subject was somehow passé. At Klassenfeten you eventually bought only chips in boxes and candy bars. MIKADO was forgotten for me. So far!

Tasty Mikado chocolate ice cream from MIKADO sticks from


The classics of my childhood are still on the supermarket shelves and have unfortunately been completely over in recent years went. There are now even in different varieties of whole milk on bittersweet to white chocolate and lots of great recipe ideas with the delicious snacks at's why I was very happy to be there when MIKADO after a Asked about "stick out your personality" recipe idea.

Whether today's elementary school children are playing Jedi Knights with MIKADO?It tastes young and old, big and small. The recipe is deliberately simple and yes, quite substantial, and really something for birthdays or Sundays with the family.

You do not need great equipment, no food processor and no ice cream maker. Sweetened condensed milk can be found either in the H-milk products in the supermarket or in the department with Polish and Russian specialties. The ice then consists of just 5 ingredients, is stirred together very quickly and makes hardly any work. It tastes wonderfully chocolaty and brings back the good old MIKADO feeling with every bite!

 Delicious Mikado chocolate ice cream from MIKADO sticks from

MIKADO chocolate ice cream

for about 800 ml of ice


1 can of sweetened condensed milk (400 g)
200 g of sour cream
200 g of whipped cream
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
100 g MIKADO Sticks


Lay out a baking tin or plastic mold suitable for freezing with baking paper. This works especially well when crumpling the baking paper, holding it under running water, squeezing it out and then unfolding it again.

Place the condensed milk in a mixing bowl and stir the sour cream and whipped cream thoroughly with a whisk until smooth Mass.

Mix the cocoa powder on the mass seven and again thoroughly with the whisk until everything is well mixed.

Cut the MIKADO sticks in about 1 cm pieces and carefully with a wooden spoon under the mass.

Pour the mass into the mold and cover with a lid or baking paper. Leave for at least 4-6 hours in the freezer. Take it out of the freezer about 10 minutes before serving, shape it into balls and serve it decorated with more MIKADO sticks.

That's it! Have a good meal and have fun!

Tasty Mikado chocolate ice cream from MIKADO sticks from

This entry was posted in friendly cooperation with MIKADO Sticks. The memories are mine, as well as the recipe idea for "stick out your personality". Thanks for the nice cooperation!