Salt caramel fudge with white chocolate from the Thermomix

On the 24th of June the ThermoMix® gift-giving day will take place for the third time. Exactly 6 months before Christmas you should take the opportunity and make love just give a gift. The motto is again "Thermomix it yourself" (TIY) - the small culinary souvenirs are made with the help of Thermomix. And just for this action and many more occasions, I've conjured up an incredibly delicious caramel white chocolate fudge from the Thermomix.

 Recipe for salt caramel fudge with white chocolate for the Thermomix

Back in 2015, we created two types of mustard and shared the recipes for the gift-giving day Photo: Homemade classic mustard and cider mustard from the Thermomix. Still, I'm a big fan of the idea of ​​giving home-made gifts from the kitchen. Whether it's a birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day or just like that - gifts that come from the heart and are made by yourself are a wonderful gesture.

After the hearty recipes of the last time, this time it's on become sweet fudge. This can be easily prepared in the Thermomix! The production is incredibly simple, it only takes a bit of patience to wait for the fudge to become firm. This is certainly not easy, especially because of the smell of caramel cream and melted white chocolate. You see - you have to try the recipe! An opportunity will surely be found!

Recipe for salt caramel fudge with white chocolate for Thermomixrecipe can not be found here on the blog this time, but directly on the Thermomix® inspiration page: Thermomix-Ideenreich: Salt Caramel Fudge with White Chocolate

And I've got it in the recipe world of Thermomix ®, if you want to save or print out the recipe: Thermomix Recipe Salt Caramel Fudge with White Chocolate

Enjoy recreating, giving and enjoying!

The recipe for the salt caramel fudge with white chocolate was created in friendly cooperation exclusively for Thermomix®.