Sunday breakfast: oven pancakes with Amarena cherries

It's time again for a new Sunday breakfast. Especially if it is so stressful and hectic during the week and I bowl my bowl of cereal between phone calls and e-mails around 9 o'clock at the office desk, I think of the weekend and what I could conjure up something delicious. That's why Amarena Fabbri's request was just right if I wanted to make something with Amarena cherries. And immediately I got the idea: A delicious oven pancake with Amarena cherries as a Sunday breakfast!

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I had developed such a recipe some time ago - but not for the blog. Therefore, the opportunity was just right to bake a delicious open pancake with Amarena cherries. As much as I like pancakes, a pancake is much easier to prepare and much fluffier. Simply heat the pan in the oven, melt butter in it and pour the pancake mixture into the pan. Then you can leave the pancake to yourself. Finally, it is simply shredded into pieces and served with oven-fresh, super-fluffy oven patties. Perfect for the Sunday breakfast!

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Amarena cherries have such a delicious taste in their own right that you no longer need many additional flavors for the oven crumbs. However, I think that almonds fit very well and give the Ofenschmarrn with Amarena cherries still a great bite. That's why I lifted almonds with the dough. You could also roast this, but it is in my opinion not worth the effort. The almond flakes get in the hot pan or in the hot oven delicious roasted aromas. And the idea is to achieve a great result with as little effort as possible - exactly my thing!

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You do not need many ingredients for the oven pancake: the Amarena cherries from Amarena Fabbri stand in almost every supermarket. However, I have not found them at the canned food, but next to the ice in the telecommunications department. They often stand there next to the ice cream waffles. You have to know first. Something like eggs and flour is usually at home anyway, so that nothing should stand in the way of spontaneous enjoyment on Sunday mornings.Preheat a large ovenproof pan (about 28 cm diameter).


Drain the Amarena cherries through a sieve and allow to drain, otherwise use the syrup.


Separate the eggs. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and set aside.


Beat the egg yolk and sugar until creamy, then stir in the flour. Gradually add the cream to the dough.


Carefully lift the egg whites, dripped Amarena cherries and almond flakes under the dough with a spatula or a spatula.


Melt the butter in the hot pan in the oven, then pour the dough into the pan. Bake the oven patties on the middle rail for about 12-14 minutes. He should be golden brown and baked inside, but still be fluffy. Carefully pull apart with two spatulas or a fork.


Spread the oven pancakes with Amarena cherries on two plates and serve immediately with some powdered sugar sprinkled.

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 recipe for pancakes with Amarena cherries from

This post was created in friendly cooperation with Amarena Fabbri. Thanks for the nice cooperation!